EnerCap Power Funds Portfolio

EnerCap manages on behalf of the EnerCap Power Funds the following projects and corporate investments that are are being prepared for near-term exits.

Czech Republic

  • RETA Solar Parks - 7.4 MW  Built and operated by EnerCap, RETA has been in operation since 2010. The project consists of three solar parks in the towns of Mimon (approximately 100 kilometres north of Prague) and Klatovy (approximately 40 kilometres south of Plzen).


  • Scieki Wind Project - 22 MW  The EnerCap Power Funds acquired this project in Rawa Mazowiecka (about 80 kilometres southwest of Warsaw) from a local developer in October 2009. EnerCap completed the 11 turbine (Vestas V90s) build in 2012 and provided construction management throughout. EnerCap continues to operate the wind farm and provides operations management services.

  • GEO Renewables S.A.  The EnerCap Power Funds have a corporate investment in the privately owned GEO Renewables Limited. The GEO platform subsequently has commissioned 360 MW of projects and is regarded as the leading Polish renewables developer. EnerCap continues to support GEO’s project acquisition, financing and disposal processes.


  • Chirnogeni Wind Project - 80 MW  In 2012 the EnerCap Power Funds acquired a 30 percent stake in this 32 Nordex N90 turbine project located near to ConstanĊ£a, South-Eastern Romania. The project started commercial operations in early 2014 and EnerCap provided construction management services during the build. EnerCap continue to co-manage the project with the developer who retained a minority stake.